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How to Build Using Sing Core

There are endless opportunities to be creative with Sing Core material. First, though, it’s important that you get a handle on the manufacturing process, so taht you can create the most amazing works of art that are beautiful, eco-friendly, lightweight, and stronger than steel as we continue our commitment to keeping crowd manufacturing alive.

Sing-Core-Block-147Here is an example of how to build a 2 foot by 4 foot panel using our Sing Core Block. First you lay your bottom skin face-down on your surface. Then you cover with a layer of urethane glue. Put your exterior wood staves (edges) into place, as shown in the photo to the right.

Sing-Core-Block-Drop-In-2Sing Core Block is utilizes our, “drop-in,” system. Basically, all you need is to slice the Sing core lock your desired thickness as determined by your specifications. Install your sliced Sing Core Block by placing it inside your wood perimeter to fill the vacant space with Sing Core Block material.

Continue to fill the empty space with additional sections of Sing Core Block material until the space is nearly filled.


Here’s an exampled of Sing Core Block-filled vacancy

Sing-Core-Block-152Next apply a layer of urethane glue to the top of all the surface material(s) including the exposed Sing Core Block and the top-side of the wood staves as shown in the photo to the right.

Sing-Core-Block-153The honeycomb torsion box provides the strength, while the urethane glue adds to the structural integrity of the end product, keeping it from delaminating under extreme conditions or over long periods of time.

Once you have a nice coat of urethane glue on the entire top surface, you are now ready to apply the top skin.



This is a photo of the applied top skins in place.


Sing Press – No Equipment Necessary

Once you have all your glue and components into place, the panel(s) need to be cold-pressed for proper adhesion and dry-time. Dry times vary according to the type of glue that you use. We suggest using a slow-drying glue for a higher quality end-product.


Hydraulic Press

If your facility already has a commercial hydraulic press, then by all means use that. Many of our craftsmen who are Sing Hardwood manufacturers avoid any equipment cost by utilizing the Sing Press model, that is constructed out of perfectly straight Sing Panels on the top and bottom and a few clamps. There is no structural advantage of using a commercial press, as the results are the same.


You can see that very little energy is expended in the manufacturing of your Sing Hardwood, and there is little or no waste.

On-Hand = On-Demand

In the demonstrations (above) it is easy to imagine that you as the craftsman have complete control of the creation process. You can make your own Sing Hardwood on-demand at your location, avoiding any shipping expense or time… and if you need a piece of material that you suddenly find yourself out-of-stock… In an emergency, you could make your own (insert any hardwood or lumber product you want) if you have some Sing Core Block on-hand.

Wholesale Resource

Sing Core orders certain components by the rail car. We can pass on some of our savings to the craftsmen who use our Sing Core Block technology. You may find it beneficial to obtain wood staves, hardwood skins, glue (or other materials) from us to take advantage of our bulk buying power.

Note: For structural purposes, you as the manufacturer are liable for testing, licensure and code approval. Sing Core is not liable for any unauthorized use of any product created off-site using our patented Sing Core Block material. In the event that you intent to use your Sing Core Block material purposes, we may assist you in the process of getting the required testing completed.


Lightweight University Sing Core News

If you’ve ever been wondered about what makes Sing Core products so unique, we have streamlined our process to make it easier to understand for average Americans. Why? Because we are leading a “true green” revolution, putting the power of our green building materials into the hands of Americans who want to better their lives, communities and the world.sing-core-made-in-the-usa

These green revolutionaries will help to make the United States leaders of more a sustainable future by promoting integrating eco-friendly technology into every market segment. We have created a program with our patented Sing Core that is Made in the USA, that will enable average Americans with basic woodworking skills to profit from this technology, helping them to prosper in these tough economic times.

Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-ThailandSing Core is proudly manufactured in the USA to create jobs at home. Click here to see an example in the story of how Sing Core is even exported to Thailand. In those photos you will see cranes hoisting Sing composite sandwich panels, posts and beams suspended above the city to be installed in one of the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok.

Due to Sing Core’s light weight, a full container of Sing Core building materials can be shipped internationally via air at a fraction of the cost to ship any other building material.

It is this very technology that we are providing to manufacturers, “On Demand.”

Our On Demand program consists of providing Sing Core blocks to small manufacturers to put the power of this green revolution into the hands of the people to create jobs at home. If you would like to join the true green movement, we will set you up with everything you need by joining Lightweight University.

Lightweight University is the educational arm of Sing Core training individuals, companies, corporations and organizations in the use and creation of product solutions using our patented sing Core and processes.

Learn how to make a wide variety of Sing building materials and products for a multitude of applications. Lightweight University is opening its doors to all Americans who want to take advantage of this new concept in green building materials. Let’s sing together for a healthier planet for all life on earth.

To subscribe to our new and improved newsletter covering news and events of Sing core, Click here.

Lightweight Panels and Beams Exported to Thailand

Just one example of how Lightweight University solves complex design problems with the Sing Core solution. Imagine being able to provide this high standard of problem-solving while promoting a greener planet… Contact Lightweight University to get started today.

We are exporting Sing Core to provide the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok with the solutions to their design problems.


(Photo above, pre-export at home in the USA)


What design problems do you think they have? Mostly the same problem all large project designers run into, like the complexities of ecologically friendly, lightweight, strength and integrity over long lengths. Sing Core is the superior solution for these obstacles.


Photos here are of a container of Sing Core beams and panels used in the construction of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. This is likely one of the only patented plywood product to be exported to Asian countries. Why? Much of our plywood is imported because they can manufacture it so inexpensively off-shore. In fact, their prices are so low that American companies have accused them of dumping product to bury the American wood industry, resulting in a 25% import duty on imported plywood products.


So, think about that… Asia importing Sing panels and beams… The only reason that they would do that is if it was the only way to solve their design problems; and nothing fits the bill like Sing Core.


From an export point of view, note that the shipment of product is ten times stronger than standard wood product, yet weigh 70 to 80 percent less than the equivalent plywood.


In a time when the United States is encouraging you to not to import by charging a 25% tariff on incoming plywood, why not shop at home and consider a structural technology that is far superior not only to import varieties, but nearly any other conventional construction material.

In case you are unaware of the Sing Core technology; here is a basic rundown:

The Sing Core is based on primitive torsion box honeycomb designs, but is exponentially improved upon the basic design.

Sing Core is manufactured with LESS

  • raw materials
  • labor
  • equipment cost.

Our unique manufacturing process requires LESS

  • energy for production
  • space
  • and makes less waste.

Sing Core panels are

  • true flat
  • fully insulated
  • sound deadening
  • lightweight
  • extremely strong
  • last the test of time
  • and are earth friendly.

That is why the supplier of high-end custom-built oversize products to the

  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Kings
  • and the Pope

has sought out Sing Core as their solution. Yet, we make this technology affordable, even to compete with cheap imports.

If you are currently importing substandard plywood from off-shore, shouldn’t you think about being proud to say, “Made in the USA,” reducing your costs, delivery times and providing your clients with a superior product that is not only eco-friendly but “true green”?

Source: Sing Core

Sing Core at Your Door

Partner with Sing Core to become the Best Door Manufacturer in the World,

even if you have no factory.

We can show you how to make the best doors at little or no expense to you. We’ve been empowering independent manufacturers to work from home, or in small shops, that can supply you with all the doors that you need to make an impact in the market.

Of course, if you already have the equipment and space required, you will not need to outsource; but we can help you maximize your equipment usage, space and reduce skilled staff requirements as you increase your production ability exponentially. This process uses much less energy, staff, space, equipment to manufacture and produces less waste, as well as being completely green, so as to help us provide a better world for all creatures.

We help these independent woodworkers set up their shops – in as little an area as a single car garage – with product inventory that we provide to them. We show them how to build their own Sing Press out of materials that we provide. This system is based on a successful Asian business model that is reflected in the local economy giving people with basic woodworking skills the opportunity to earn from their skills to support their families independently.

If you are looking for a local external door builder to supply you with your inventory, just let me know and I will help you find the right person.

It is so simple, once you know how, to build the best doors, tables, furniture… or even an entire home using this true green revolution.

Feel free to visit our web site to see not only the beautiful doors but the nearly unlimited applications that can benefit from patented Sing Core.

My commitment to being able to put America back to work, and make it the country that it was known for as, “the land of opportunity,” is focused on helping people who are struggling financially to have a chance to provide for their families. In order to reach out and equip the people who have these basic skills, I have set up Lightweight University to guarantee that people are trained in the science of the Sing Core technology and its many eco-friendly applications.

Of course, as you may already know, Sing Core is the base of the best doors that are true flat, fully insulated, sound deadening, lightweight, extremely strong, last the test of time and are earth friendly. As you start working with this technology, who knows what applications are in your future… the possibilities are nearly endless.

That is why the supplier of high-end custom-built oversize products to the President, Prime Minister, the King and the Pope, has sought out Sing Core as their solution. Of course, they would pay any price to solve their design problems with Sing Core, yet we make it an economical resource that can be used in low-end products that can compete with imports… again supporting our commitment to being, “Made in the USA.”

By teaming up with Sing Core you can do your part to make the world a better place, reduce your overhead, increase your profits and have a positive impact on your local economy.

You will be able to use Sing Core to build hundreds of applications if not thousands. It is easy and it is affordable,

Sign up with Lightweight University to start you certified Sing products manufacturing, today.

Founder and inventor of Sing Core and Sing Panels,

Peter Sing
Sing Core
P.O. 1691
McCleary, WA 98557
(360) 495-3577