Insulated Sheds

yard and garden shed built with torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels pre insulatedOur research has uncovered the fastest and easiest way to build an insulated shed structure using revolutionary patented torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels.

These new building materials come in one-inch thickness that are strong enough to build a structure with several stories without framing with this one inch wall design construction.

What? No framing?

That’s right. The frame is actually built in to the one inch wall.

storage shed made of insulated torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panelsAnd I don’t need to insulate?

The insulation is also built into the one inch wall with an R value of 6.5 per inch. Want more insulation? Simply put two panels together for a two inch wall for R-13.

How do I put panels together?

These Sing Panels are so versatile, you can easily adhere two panels together using regular wood carpenter’s glue. You can even add your own wood frames and exterior materials using cold-press, vacuum press, or manual press methods commonly used in wood shop.


fast and easy insulated storage shed assembly with torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels no mold no mildewWith the structure strength of Sing Sandwich Panels and the ease of bonding almost any other material to it, gives you complete control over the thickness, R-Value, exterior material, etc… Let your creativity run wild

How strong is it?

Other honeycomb cores have a PSI of 10 to 100, this patented material boasts 660 PSI. That’s stronger than steel pound for pound.

How do I get it?

The manufacturer, Sing Core, only sells wholesale, but you can ask for Sing Sandwich Panels from your favorite lumber yard or Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

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