Green Eco-friendly Building Materials Made in the USA

Sing Core is made in the USA and exports overseas and is dedicated to creating jobs at home in the United States. See the story of our new American made patented manufacturing process that brings jobs and prosperity back to America and we’re even exporting our green building materials off-shore, i.e., Thailand.

sing-core-made-in-the-usaSing Core is a new composite sandwich panel that is also available in post and beam designs. As you can see in the photo the crane is hoisting patented Sing Core eco-friendly materials to the top of one of the largest buildings in Bangkok for use in their skyscraper. Space-age Sing Core is lightweight, stronger than steel pound-for-pound and lasts longer than other building materials for lasting sustainability.

One of the advantages for exporting Sing Core is actually due to its light weight a full container weighs a fraction of any other building material saving huge costs of delivery via air cargo. Here, at home, we’re launching a new revolution in this true green technology by offering crowd-sourcing our manufacturing nationally, providing Sing Core to manufacturers instantly on demand. Our on demand program consists of providing each facility with blocks of patented Sing Core material. This enables small manufacturers to join the green revolution creating jobs state-side.

With the advantage of being made in the USA, exporting overseas helps to create jobs at home. Sing core a new patented composite sandwich panel, post and beam is loading by crane to one of the tallest building in Bangkok. Since the sing core contents consists of 90% air, you do not have to be burdened by expensive shipping weights, can be easily transported by air, and can be free on demand instantly for participating students of LWU.

eco-friendly-lightweight-universitySing is offering an on demand program of Sing product building block—-Sing core to small mfg to join this exciting new green revolution to create jobs at home. All you need to do is attending lightweight University—an education sponsor of Sing products to learn how to make ‘sing products by using ‘Sing core on demand program. Lightweight University is opening its doors to one man shops or the largest furniture, building material in the world.—-Let’s Sing for the earth.

Sing Core is committed to our strict US made pledge. All patented Sing products are made in the USA. Many architects, designers and builders are also committed to doing their best to buy American seeking what is made in the usa. In a time when many of the components that we use in construction and manufacturing in the Unites States are imported from offshore sources due simply to the reduced cost. For instance, in the United States the average manufacturing job hourly rate of pay is $34.74, in comparison to China’s $1.36 per hour and even less in India (according to the BLS) making it extremely difficult not to be seduced by offshore’s cheaper materials.

Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-ThailandAccording to Sing Core inventor, Peter Sing, “It is difficult to compete with imports, but with Sing core technology is changing the game plan by using patented Sing core to make the mfg process less energy and labor which reduce the cost to create high quality, high strength, lightweight Sing products that people want high quality and something that will last for lifetimes; By doing so It make US made products compatible in global market not like disposable cheap imports.” Yet, many Sing Core products are actually exported outside the USA.—see pictures of Thailand Sing panel building site. Sing products are exported to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad, 78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American product, according to a new nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. In these tough economic times, Americans are starting to join the Made in the USA movement. American businesses and the US citizenry are making it a point to demand American made products and materials. “We are committed to bringing pride back to the phrase, ‘Made in America’,” says Sing. There was a time when ‘American made’ was synonymous with high quality, “and we’re putting America back to work, starting right here…” and empowering other Americans to join our growing number of crowdsourcing manufacturers.

lightweight-university-certified-consultantLightweight University: A platform for you to learn and teach by attending Lightweight University We are seeing a grass roots revolution in American made manufacturing. As jobs are on the decline,even attend a four years colledge does not guarantee will landing a job , If they gets a job does not mean it is a job they will enjoy to do for rest of their life , This is why we started Lightweight University to help American work on their hand to change the world. We are seeing individuals with basic woodworking skills and craftsmen taking charge of their economic destinies by birthing bootstrap operations. “We’re helping people start their own manufacturing facilities at home,” and all you need is as little room as a single car garage to start.

There is a huge movement to manufacture green, sustainable building materials and products locally. Imagine being able to get locally made building products or furniture with Sing Core as the base, making your American Made end products not only Made in the USA, but also green and sustainable, making the world a better place.

Sing Core has created a ripple effect that affects the local economy and grows to affect the national economy as they create jobs including supporting local retail store, ,local wood,metal fabricators, concrete artist, building contractor, architect and designers, ……., as well as helping craftspeople replace lost income due to downsizing, or our declining fiscal outlook. In a time when just one full-time income-earning American supports five other jobs in the United States, Sing Core is recycling an economic impact through our economy and creating more jobs for Americans

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