Creating with Torsion Box Composite Panels

The new Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength torsion box composite panels that are infiltrating design and building markets from beneath the sea to outer space and everywhere in between are now available to the average inventor, enthusiast, home owner and do it yourself aficionado thanks to your local lumber yard or home improvement center, like Lowe’s Pro Desk.

torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels strength demonstrationUsed as a raw material, the standard 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1 in. Sing Sandwich panel is an amazing resource to the designer, engineer, inventor or independent wood craftsman to take their projects to the next level of evolution.

You are no longer restricted by the limitations of traditional building materials. And as far as composite building materials go, including honeycomb panels (which have brought us leaps and bounds into the future), the invention revealed to us by Peter Sing has raised the bar to an entirely new level.

Just like plywood

These panels are of the same dimensions as a normal 4×8 piece of 1 inch thick plywood.

large door with window litel cutout made of torsion box composite plywood sandwich panelYou handle this product just like you would any other piece of plywood, only this is extremely lightweight when compared to plywood due to it’s design.

It is so easy to rip into the most high performance shelving material by ripping it though your table saw resulting in a lightweight shelf that will not warp, bend, twist or sag. You can add edge-banding for visual effect if desired.

This material is also used in so many applications, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The creator’s web site has a list of applications here.

The Sing design

The design is similar to that of standard SIPS (structural insulated panels), except that these are actually RSIPS (reinforced structural insulated panels), which gives them unprecedented structural strength at very minimal thicknesses.

Sing-Core-wood-torsion-box-foam-composite-lightweight-high-strengthWhile SIPS are manufactured by framing rigid foam and sandwiching between two pieces of plywood or MDF, Sing’s patented RSIPS have a torsion box (vertical wood grain series of boxes, similar to honeycomb design) that are each filled with recycled rigid foam insulation.

SIPS require the frame material for structure strength, while the RSIPS do not require any additional framing because the structure strength exists within the substrate of the reinforced structural insulated panel. This enables the Sing RSIP to outperform the SIP strength-wise with a fraction of the thickness.

building-a-sing-tiny-house-framing-atop-frameless-wallsIf you think you haven’t heard anything like it, and it appears to rock your thoughts regarding what you know about the laws of physics, join the club with the rest of us (including R&D teams from the US military, NASA, Boeing, and other high-tech think tanks) who have a huge respect for the 660+ PSI strength of Sing’s sandwich panel.

What other lightweight 1-inch building material could build a frame -free three-story hurricane-proof structure?

No solid edge

If you are not familiar with this revolutionary new building material you might be surprised to discover that unlike SIPS that come with a traditional wood frame, the Sing sandwich panel is completely frame-free.

This might cause some concern with integrating into your product design.

How do millworks do it?

millwork glued large torsion box composite honeycomb panels with wood edges and thick plywoodGluing and pressing wood products and composite materials is nothing new to modern day millworks and woodworking shops. Sing’s RSIPS are normal wood glue and user-friendly. You can lay-up and press this material into any format necessary to accommodate your needs, even creating your own lightweight structural posts and beams.

If you need a panel with a wood edge, it is fairly easy to accomplish with rudimentary woodworking skills.

a) Simply lay a facing material face-down
b) covering the backside (inside) with a layer of wood glue
c) place your wood frame and Sing torsion box composite material (now being used as your high-tech substrate) atop the base sheet
d) apply another layer of carpenter glue
e) add another sheet of facing material face up
f) clamp and press.

Congratulations, you’ve just manufactured your own high-end superior performance material that will amaze you and others as to such a huge improvement in terms of affordable lightweight and high-strength performance.

Click here for more information on connecting your framed torsion box composite panels.

Replacing solid wood

solid wood butcher block glued to torsion box composite sandwich panel coreThere is no doubt that solid wood is a precious diminishing natural resource that is growing only in expense but – as most wood workers and fans of this beautiful resource will admit – is not structurally sound due to routine failure.

Solid wood fails doe to its natural tendency to adapt to its environment, causing products – especially like large sliding doors – to warp, bend, twist, cup, crack and rot over time.

By adhering solid wood(s) to the Sing RSIPS, the resulting product is an incredible and responsible replacement for solid wood. So, think about saving a tree and building something that will have a high level of unparalleled maintenance-free performance for lifetimes.

Try it and see for yourself

Do yourself a favor, if your so inclined, and get some of this material from your local Lowe’s just to play around with… You will be as impressed as the rest of the folks who have worked with it, broadening the scope of their imaginations and bringing new ideas to life.



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