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We are proud to announce our accepting new members to Lightweight University.

When you join Lightweight University, what do you get?

Reinforced Torsion Box Core

When you join Lightweight University, you get 32 sq. ft. of patented Reinforced Torsion Box Core material for free.

Members Only

Access to Lightweight University Members Only division of our site which enables you to team up with other members and share information about the best ways to use Reinforced Torsion Box Core in your next project.

Get Answers, Ideas and Innovations

Get answers, ideas about innovative methods and new products which use Reinforced Torsion Box Core.

Sell Your Creations

Sell your Reinforced Torsion Box Core creations in our Lightweight University Store.


As a member of Lightweight University, you can get discount pricing on Reinforced Torsion Box Core material. The commercial value of 32 sq. ft is $10 per sq. ft., even so , we do not provide patented reinforced torsion box core to large corporations or established mill work companies. Members get 32 sq. ft. of Reinforced Torsion Box Core for $2.50 per sq. ft. + shipping or $80.00, a savings of $240.00.

Why do we not sell to large companies?

This members-only proposition is a grass roots operation reaching out to garage-sized businesses which need more help than any other large businesses to raise a family, send kids to school, and support the backbone of American family values.

Invite Others to Join

When you invite someone to join as a new member of Lightweight University and the new member has identified you as his or her referral prior to signing up, you can get $30-off your next 32 sq. ft. of Reinforced Torsion Box Core (for $50.00).

Free Reinforced Torsion Box Core

You could earn FREE Reinforced Torsion Box Core by submitting your plans to use the patented Reinforced Torsion Box Core. If your project is approved, in advanced, and featured in our Lightweight University Store following completion, you may receive a commensurate amount of Reinforced Torsion Box Core free of charge in exchange for your efforts.

What is Patented Reinforced Torsion Box Core?

Patented Reinforced Torsion Box Core is an Eco-friendly structurally sound composite core building material which is more lightweight, high strength and dimensionally stable than any other traditional building material.

The basic structure consists of a vertical grain torsion box grid with the otherwise empty voids filled with recycled rigid foam insulation and sandwiched between two sheets of wood veneer stress skins using formaldehyde-free adhesives.

Who Can Join?

Membership is not open to everyone. Anybody may apply but only students who meet our qualifications will be accepted.

1. Student status is not open to corporations or large businesses and is open to individuals only.
2. Student must agree to participate with other students using Lightweight University’s system for contact and support.
3. Students agree to share their ideas, pictures and stories with the Lightweight University site.
4. Students agree to consider offers from Lightweight University to support and subsidize the R&D efforts of student(s) whose progress and activity will be monitored via the Lightweight
University site.

Lightweight University student members voluntarily join our Private Membership Association and agree to the association’s terms and conditions in return for enjoying the valuable resources and discounts offered to members only.

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