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Aluminum Bench

aluminum park bench made of torsion box composite sandwich panelsOne of our favorite projects to discover the full potential of the latest discovery of torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels from Sing Core is the aluminum bench.

The Sing Sandwich Panels are available from your local lumber yard or Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in one-inch thickness. It is so easy to work with. You can use it just like any ordinary plywood. no special tools are needed and your end product with lightweight, yet stronger than steel and weather resistant.

Simply cut and glue together any number of layers that you need to obtain the thickness that satisfies the needs of your project.

how to make aluminum bench from torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels upright viewIn this case, we are bonding 3 layers together with normal carpenter glue to manufacture our bench.

First, create the underlying structure of the bench using your resulting wood-glue-bonded structure.

Then cover the exposed areas with .062 aluminum. This makes this lightweight bench nearly impossible to fail in any extreme weather condition.

how to make aluminum bench from torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels adding aluminum and footingNext up, you add plastic footings (shoes) to the bench to forever protect the bottom of the bench.


You have built the most amazing metal bench that will withstand the test of time.

How strong is it?

So strong, in fact, that lining up a whole gaggle of students standing on your bench causes zero deflection.

high strength test of aluminum bench made of torsion box composite sandwich panel

How lightweight is it?

how to make aluminum bench from torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels lightweight completed demonstrationTake a look at this one-man-carry of your lightweight aluminum bench just for an idea of exactly how lightweight it is – and it’s portable. Throw it in the back of your truck and take it anywhere.

Looks so good.

Your aluminum bench will look magnificent for centuries in your favorite park setting.



Insulated Sheds

yard and garden shed built with torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels pre insulatedOur research has uncovered the fastest and easiest way to build an insulated shed structure using revolutionary patented torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels.

These new building materials come in one-inch thickness that are strong enough to build a structure with several stories without framing with this one inch wall design construction.

What? No framing?

That’s right. The frame is actually built in to the one inch wall.

storage shed made of insulated torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panelsAnd I don’t need to insulate?

The insulation is also built into the one inch wall with an R value of 6.5 per inch. Want more insulation? Simply put two panels together for a two inch wall for R-13.

How do I put panels together?

These Sing Panels are so versatile, you can easily adhere two panels together using regular wood carpenter’s glue. You can even add your own wood frames and exterior materials using cold-press, vacuum press, or manual press methods commonly used in wood shop.


fast and easy insulated storage shed assembly with torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels no mold no mildewWith the structure strength of Sing Sandwich Panels and the ease of bonding almost any other material to it, gives you complete control over the thickness, R-Value, exterior material, etc… Let your creativity run wild

How strong is it?

Other honeycomb cores have a PSI of 10 to 100, this patented material boasts 660 PSI. That’s stronger than steel pound for pound.

How do I get it?

The manufacturer, Sing Core, only sells wholesale, but you can ask for Sing Sandwich Panels from your favorite lumber yard or Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

Help Wanted: Tiny House Drivers

Sing Core is seeking independent truck owners who would like to join the Sing team and help in the delivery of their Sing Tiny House around the United States. They also invite drivers from all over the USA due to crowd manufacturing of their tiny houses. Here is more information:

Tiny House Drivers Wanted

Sing Core is building tiny houses for individuals who seek only the best Eco-friendly Tiny House that is lightweight, high-strength and withstand the test of time.


In keeping with the Earth-friendliness of the Sing Tiny House, making the world a better place and creating opportunities for locals, we are reaching out to the community-at-large in search of deliverers with trucks to deliver our Tiny Houses to various locations.

What does it take to be a Tiny House Driver?

Basically, you will need to have your own truck with a trailer hitch. Requirements are minimal as Sing Tiny Houses only weigh 2600 pounds (other tiny houses can weigh up to 10,000 lbs or more) reducing fuel consumption and are easy to tow.


Deliveries will be arranged on an independent contract basis, including gas, food and hotel accommodations.


If you are interested in becoming a Sing Tiny House driver, please contact us and join the Sing Team today.

Folding Modular House Competition

Four years ago a company introduced a concept that was recently presented to Sing Core. And excellent idea that did not work out well due to not having access to the adequate building materials.

This aluminum shelter was a great design, being unfolded and assembled quickly is a magnificent concept for a temporary structure, but not being insulated makes it only a high quality tent structure, or a hot box in the sun.

Take the Challenge

Sing Core would like to partner with the right person/company to redesign this folding and/or modular concept.

Introduction-to-Container-Homes-Buildings-1Sing Core will provide you with the materials to build a complete 8 ft x 19 ft structure. We will supply windows, door and hinges for folding design at below cost. Structure materials will include reinforced torsion box Sing Sandwich panels with aluminum exterior surface (paintable and weatherproof) and plywood interior walls.

We believe in this concept and the value that it would have to the world at large. As easy and quickly as they can be built, they could be dismantled, broken down and moved to another location with little cost or effort.

Last year, we introduced our World’s Smallest House being built in five-and-a-half minutes to battle homelessness and to provide moveable temporary shelter.

This is the next logical step, and Sing Core is the missing ingredient in designs that were not accepted by the marketplace at large.

Imagine building a flat packed home in very little time that can be shipped to any location via truck and trailer in quantity at very little cost due to being so lightweight yet stronger than steel. Sing Core makes these small home building kits possible and inexpensive.

We need your help.

Our staff and factory is overloaded with building lightweight, high strength doors and building components and does not have the time right now to engineer this pop up house structure of the future.

That’s where you come in.

We will help subsidize your genius if you can help us design these folding and/or modular structure small homes.

What’s in it for you?

We will supply you with the same materials that we would supply our engineering team to do the project in-house at below wholesale cost.

What do you do for us?

Help us design the most effective house kits, supply us with your design details, and a timed video of the assembly process.

Your reward?

Get all the materials at below cost (and we will help with shipping costs) and we will feature your design skills on our high-traffic web site, as you help us to make the world a better place with Sing Core. Plus, you will have a partnership invitation from us to help provide your design to the world.

Limited Offer

This offer is only made available to interested parties for a limited time. The only reason we are making this offer is because we are too busy to do it ourselves, but we believe that this is such a significant and needed application, that we will help you help us take this to market, if you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Looking forwarding to your joining the Sing team for a better world,

-Inventor, Peter Sing



Eco-friendly Door Manufacturers Needed

We, at Lightweight University are constantly on the lookout for door manufacturers. We have orders from many door distributors who want thousands of doors, all we need to do is to find people to crowd-manufacture, finish and supply eco-friendly door to the companies that want them.

make-100s-of-doors-a-dayQ. What does it take to become an eco-friendly door manufacturer?

A. Not much.

If you have a moderate wood working shop, you can make hundreds of eco-friendly doors a day via our crowd manufacturing channel in as little space as a single-car garage.

If you have a door manufacturing facility, we can show you how to make more doors in less time, using less labor and less energy, increasing your overall door production exponentially.

Q. What is the quality of these eco-friendly doors?

A. They are top-of-the-line, bar none.

They use the same components and technology used to provide doors to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope.

make-hundreds-of-eco-friendly-doors-at-homeThese eco-friendly doors have unique properties, like:

  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than steel
  • 10 year true flat and structural guarantee
  • Sustainable and true green technology
  • Can host any exterior material

These eco-friendly doors are so versatile because they have the ability to host nearly any external surface material, like (but not limited to):

  • Any wood species
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Fire-resistant mag board
  • Bullet-proof Kevlar

… Just to name a few…

We provide our manufacturers with the door suppliers that are waiting in line to buy your end-product made with our unique eco-friendly components.

… and doors are just one example… as we create new relationships with other manufacturers, we can provide you with orders for more sustainable, eco-friendly products that you can build with no added expense.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities as we work together to make the world a better place.

$100 Research Challenge


We are proud to have discovered what is being called,

The Most Important Invention of the Century

in terms of

Lightweight, High-strength and Eco-Friendly.

We are so certain, in fact, that we are offering a $100 Research Challenge to anyone who can find a more significant invention in this century.


That’s right; if you can help us find a more significant invention in terms of lightweight, high-strength and environmentally friendly… we will give you $100 for helping us find it… and we will proudly promote the results of your research in our attempt to make the world a better place.

Send your challenges to

Research Challenge submissions must be received by September 30th, 2013.


Creating Exceptional Sales Executives

Eco-friendly Company seeks to create exceptional sales and marketing team to promote sustainability in building and manufacturing.

“We are looking for key leaders to participate in our international headquarters marketing division.”

The Green movement is so important and new, that we do not expect anyone to be up-to-speed but we are willing to train the right person. We will pay for training the right person at our location in the Pacific Northwest for 30 days, including room and board.

We will meet you in Seattle at the SeaTac airport, and provide transportation to our facility.

Training also includes all expenses paid entertainment, tours throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Candidates will have the following:

  • Recently finished schooling program (within the last 3 years)
  • Be forward-looking and committed to personal excellence
  • Concern for Green movement and sustainability
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Possess personal technology, i.e., cell phone, tablet/laptop, computer & internet

Some graduates of our 30-day training program will receive offers to relocate to the Pacific Northwest to work from our International headquarters, some will be invited to select from available relocation to other facilities throughout the United States and others will be returned to their place of origin to telecommute and manage promotions from their region.


FREE 30 Day Green Marketing Boot Camp

Looking for a new career? In-between careers? … or, just …

Want to learn how make the world a better place by promoting green building products while being rewarded handsomely for your efforts?

free-education-air-fare-seatac-lightweight-universityWe are extending to a few good candidates a 30-day full-ride residency at Lightweight University, where you will experience our residency learning platform. We teach and learn with you for a whole month in our cooperative educational environment.

We will pick up students from SeaTac Airport and transport you to our International Campus/Headquarters in McCleary, Washington. Recipients receive all housing, transportation, room and board, education and immersion training at no cost to the student.

Students will be enrolled in our, “FREE Green Marketing Program,” where they learn the techniques in the real world… Not in four years, but in 30 days! Learning Lightweight University style is exciting and entertaining, as fun, recreational activities are also a part of our immersion training.

After the 30 days boot camp training, students will have many opportunities available to them. Graduates will be fully certificated as Sustainable Green Manufacturing Representatives (SGMR), many will be invited to become Regional SGMRs, or offered full-time employment at our International Headquarters.

For candidates who may have difficulties managing travel expenses to and from SeaTac Airport, please contact us, as we have a limited number of FREE Air Travel sponsors.

if you know someone who would be a good candidate for our fully sponsored 30-day boot camp, forward this announcement to them and have them contact us As Soon As Possible as space is limited.

Green Eco-friendly Building Materials Made in the USA

Sing Core is made in the USA and exports overseas and is dedicated to creating jobs at home in the United States. See the story of our new American made patented manufacturing process that brings jobs and prosperity back to America and we’re even exporting our green building materials off-shore, i.e., Thailand.

sing-core-made-in-the-usaSing Core is a new composite sandwich panel that is also available in post and beam designs. As you can see in the photo the crane is hoisting patented Sing Core eco-friendly materials to the top of one of the largest buildings in Bangkok for use in their skyscraper. Space-age Sing Core is lightweight, stronger than steel pound-for-pound and lasts longer than other building materials for lasting sustainability.

One of the advantages for exporting Sing Core is actually due to its light weight a full container weighs a fraction of any other building material saving huge costs of delivery via air cargo. Here, at home, we’re launching a new revolution in this true green technology by offering crowd-sourcing our manufacturing nationally, providing Sing Core to manufacturers instantly on demand. Our on demand program consists of providing each facility with blocks of patented Sing Core material. This enables small manufacturers to join the green revolution creating jobs state-side.

With the advantage of being made in the USA, exporting overseas helps to create jobs at home. Sing core a new patented composite sandwich panel, post and beam is loading by crane to one of the tallest building in Bangkok. Since the sing core contents consists of 90% air, you do not have to be burdened by expensive shipping weights, can be easily transported by air, and can be free on demand instantly for participating students of LWU.

eco-friendly-lightweight-universitySing is offering an on demand program of Sing product building block—-Sing core to small mfg to join this exciting new green revolution to create jobs at home. All you need to do is attending lightweight University—an education sponsor of Sing products to learn how to make ‘sing products by using ‘Sing core on demand program. Lightweight University is opening its doors to one man shops or the largest furniture, building material in the world.—-Let’s Sing for the earth.

Sing Core is committed to our strict US made pledge. All patented Sing products are made in the USA. Many architects, designers and builders are also committed to doing their best to buy American seeking what is made in the usa. In a time when many of the components that we use in construction and manufacturing in the Unites States are imported from offshore sources due simply to the reduced cost. For instance, in the United States the average manufacturing job hourly rate of pay is $34.74, in comparison to China’s $1.36 per hour and even less in India (according to the BLS) making it extremely difficult not to be seduced by offshore’s cheaper materials.

Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-ThailandAccording to Sing Core inventor, Peter Sing, “It is difficult to compete with imports, but with Sing core technology is changing the game plan by using patented Sing core to make the mfg process less energy and labor which reduce the cost to create high quality, high strength, lightweight Sing products that people want high quality and something that will last for lifetimes; By doing so It make US made products compatible in global market not like disposable cheap imports.” Yet, many Sing Core products are actually exported outside the USA.—see pictures of Thailand Sing panel building site. Sing products are exported to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad, 78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American product, according to a new nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. In these tough economic times, Americans are starting to join the Made in the USA movement. American businesses and the US citizenry are making it a point to demand American made products and materials. “We are committed to bringing pride back to the phrase, ‘Made in America’,” says Sing. There was a time when ‘American made’ was synonymous with high quality, “and we’re putting America back to work, starting right here…” and empowering other Americans to join our growing number of crowdsourcing manufacturers.

lightweight-university-certified-consultantLightweight University: A platform for you to learn and teach by attending Lightweight University We are seeing a grass roots revolution in American made manufacturing. As jobs are on the decline,even attend a four years colledge does not guarantee will landing a job , If they gets a job does not mean it is a job they will enjoy to do for rest of their life , This is why we started Lightweight University to help American work on their hand to change the world. We are seeing individuals with basic woodworking skills and craftsmen taking charge of their economic destinies by birthing bootstrap operations. “We’re helping people start their own manufacturing facilities at home,” and all you need is as little room as a single car garage to start.

There is a huge movement to manufacture green, sustainable building materials and products locally. Imagine being able to get locally made building products or furniture with Sing Core as the base, making your American Made end products not only Made in the USA, but also green and sustainable, making the world a better place.

Sing Core has created a ripple effect that affects the local economy and grows to affect the national economy as they create jobs including supporting local retail store, ,local wood,metal fabricators, concrete artist, building contractor, architect and designers, ……., as well as helping craftspeople replace lost income due to downsizing, or our declining fiscal outlook. In a time when just one full-time income-earning American supports five other jobs in the United States, Sing Core is recycling an economic impact through our economy and creating more jobs for Americans

Lightweight University Sing Core News

If you’ve ever been wondered about what makes Sing Core products so unique, we have streamlined our process to make it easier to understand for average Americans. Why? Because we are leading a “true green” revolution, putting the power of our green building materials into the hands of Americans who want to better their lives, communities and the world.sing-core-made-in-the-usa

These green revolutionaries will help to make the United States leaders of more a sustainable future by promoting integrating eco-friendly technology into every market segment. We have created a program with our patented Sing Core that is Made in the USA, that will enable average Americans with basic woodworking skills to profit from this technology, helping them to prosper in these tough economic times.

Sing-Core-Long-Carry-Bangkok-ThailandSing Core is proudly manufactured in the USA to create jobs at home. Click here to see an example in the story of how Sing Core is even exported to Thailand. In those photos you will see cranes hoisting Sing composite sandwich panels, posts and beams suspended above the city to be installed in one of the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok.

Due to Sing Core’s light weight, a full container of Sing Core building materials can be shipped internationally via air at a fraction of the cost to ship any other building material.

It is this very technology that we are providing to manufacturers, “On Demand.”

Our On Demand program consists of providing Sing Core blocks to small manufacturers to put the power of this green revolution into the hands of the people to create jobs at home. If you would like to join the true green movement, we will set you up with everything you need by joining Lightweight University.

Lightweight University is the educational arm of Sing Core training individuals, companies, corporations and organizations in the use and creation of product solutions using our patented sing Core and processes.

Learn how to make a wide variety of Sing building materials and products for a multitude of applications. Lightweight University is opening its doors to all Americans who want to take advantage of this new concept in green building materials. Let’s sing together for a healthier planet for all life on earth.

To subscribe to our new and improved newsletter covering news and events of Sing core, Click here.