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How to Connect Hang Torsion Box Composite Panels

Methods and options abound for connecting your torsion box composite sandwich panels.

Though Sing Core (the company that manufactures these high-tech lightweight super-strong panels) does not offer support on how to work with this new material because they are used to dealing with high-tech research and development labs and high-end millworks who have their own engineers working on their projects.

cam locks for lightweight high strength torsion box honeycomb panelsNot having a retail support department could make it intimidating to use a product that you’re unfamiliar with but thanks to your local lumber yard or home improvement centers, like Lowe’s Pro Desk, you can have access to their staff and many hardware options available.

In most cases, you would treat your torsion box composite sandwich panels just like you would any other one-inch plywood. No special tools or skills are necessary.

Some consideration might be necessary to adding or embedding wood strips, anchor points or edge banding depending on your expectations or requirements. See: Creating with Torsion Box Composite Panels

For ideas about joining your Sing sandwich panels, see: Connecting Torsion Box Composite Panels

Here are some other methods for connecting, attaching and/or hanging your Sing sandwich panels:

Panel Anchor

PYI Inc.

PYI-Inc-Panel-AnchorPYI Floor Anchors are designed and engineered to secure floorboards or lock hinged panels. Made out of 316L stainless steel, they will not corrode, discolor with age or damage the wood surface. The Floor Anchor safely holds 500 lbs per unit. The PYI Floor Anchors meet ISAF (formerly ORL) requirements for offshore boats (category 2.03).

The opening mechanism is a simple bayonet style, with ¼ turn lock and release that will not loosen with age. It can be opened or closed by either a coin or a flat head screwdriver. The 11-FA0-34 is suitable for ½” to ¾” thick floorboards and the 11-FA1-00 is for 7/8″ to 1 ¼” thick floorboards.


Panel Fastener

Big-Head-Poppit-Panel-FastenerBig Head

Poppit – the simple and discrete Panel Fastener. Poppit saves time, allowing panels to be installed without drilling. Bonded to the back of a panel the Poppit is also discrete. A panel installed with Poppit can be demounted and remounted with perfect alignment every time. Poppit is very versatile. Available in large and small sizes, Poppit can be used in different quantities to match panel weights and sizes.

Marketing-Masters-ClipNuts-Honeycomb-Sandwich-Panel-InsertsMarketing Masters

Corrosion-Free Composite Inserts for use with honeycomb sandwich panels. Inserts are a type of fastener, which create attachment points in honeycomb sandwich panels. Marketing Masters’ corrosion-free composite inserts are designed for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. In everything from aircraft and automobiles, to building construction projects and much, much more.


Marine Accessories

PYI-Inc-Floor-AnchorsFloor Anchors

PYI Inc.

PYI’s OEM Floor Anchors are the perfect solution for securing floor boards up to ¾” thick. It is very important that these floor boards be secured down. After installation you are left with an aesthetically pleasing finish since the anchors are flush mounted and made of Stainless Steel so no worry of rusting. Once installed all you need to open the PYI OEM floor anchor is a coin or picket knife.


Aerospace Accessories

Panel Fasteners

Alcoa Fastening Systems Aerospace

Alcoa Fastening Systems has built its reputation through a commitment to provide ingenious solutions to complex fastening requirements. Its renowned line of quick and easy access products, available in both unified and metric sizes, includes what have become industry standards.

Peterson Enterprises

Peterson-Enterprises-Aerospace-Pins-Structural-Panel-FastenersAerospace Pins and Fasteners. Specializing in the manufacture of sophisticated fasteners and multi-component fastening systems and devices, Aerospace Pins and Fasteners can be used in numerous applications including, commercial aerospace, military aircraft and land vehicles. The types of products manufactured include: Quick Release Pins, Latches and Keeper Assemblies, Self-Retaining Bolts, Struts, Adjustable Diameter Bolts, Structural Panel Fasteners

Stanley-Engineered-Fastening-Aerospace-Panel-FastenersStanley Engineered Fastening

Fastener Innovation Technology panel fasteners are designed to provide quick and easy access to aircraft work areas protected by skin panels. Used on avionics enclosures, aircraft panels, and other areas, captive screws are used to close and tighten the covers of access holes, and in situations where the loss of a screw would cause equipment damage or more dire consequences. Quick operation and exceptionally high cycle life.


Panel Connectors


sing-core-panel-cam-locks-2Norse, Inc.

Type 1 and type 2 latches and receivers securely fasten all manner of items. Sample applications include latching: partitions, trade show exhibits; windows; hinged and sliding doors; displays; store fixtures; cases; storm shutters; theatrical scenery; modular assemblies; paneling; electrical enclosures; equipment shrouds; sectional furniture, exhibits, counters, bars, flooring; coffin sealing; truck camper tiedown; tractor hoods; inline butt joints; multiple panels and variable angles; thin and very thin panels; T unions and corners; and more.



Display Innovations

Our “Best in the Industry” panel lock simplifies exhibit assembly for reduced set up costs. Top quality all steel construction that’s made to stand up to repeated usage and can be used for all types of joints. Available for 1 1/2″ to 2 1/16″ panels.

Kason Industries

Kason-Industries-1151-Panel-Fastener-SetKason 1151 Slab Foam Panel Fastener. Build insulated panels without costly tooling. Minimize expensive production equipment when you build panels with Styrofoam, styrene bead board, or urethane board stock. Combine Kason slab fasteners with 3″ (76.2 mm), 4″ (101.6 mm) or 6″ (152.4 mm) foam board to produce lightweight, prefabricated insulated panels. Fasteners are grooved to assure that mating panels can be easily aligned on the job site. Use No.1151 fastener set with slab foam panels when no gasket is required between panels. Provides a firm metal-to-metal and plastic-to-plastic seal. Where gasketed joints are required, use No. 1152


Keil-Refrigeration-Hardware-Unbreakable-Foam-Panel-FastenerKeil Refrigeration Hardware

In-Slab Foam Panel Fasteners. Unbreakable ABS housing, zinc plated heavy gauge steel hook and pin. Permanently attached hook and strike insures integrity and can be activated time and time again. For use with 4” (102mm) non-gasketed panels. Economical. Also panel fasteners in Models available for all types of cold room construction with all-steel cam for reliable locking/unlocking performance.

For more information, see your local lumber yard or Lowe’s Pro Desk for more information.

Connecting Torsion Box Composite Panels

Torsion box composite sandwich panels require no tongue-and-groove. Why? Because they are straight and true and will not warp or twist over time. Therefore, assembling multiple lengths of these sandwich panels is easy, painless and requires no tongue-and-groove to act as anti-warp control. By adding wood edges, or frames the resulting panels can be joined edge-to-edge with standard carpenter glue, leaving a perfect seam with the least amount of shifting every time.

Just try that with solid wood… If you try to join solid wood, you neet to sand it to make it flat and even… And a perfect seam today, may not be as impressive tomorrow, a week or a year later.

There are 3 ways to join torsion box sandwich panels

Simple Joining

The simplest and least expensive way to join sing panels is to join in any way according to your budget and/or expertise.

Due to Sing Panels being so straight and true it is easier to join panels together because they line up perfectly unlike other building materials.


sing-core-panel-cam-locks-3sing-core-panel-cam-locks-2In many cases, for instance, standard 4×8 panels can be nailed, glued or channel-joined quickly and easily with satisfactory results.

Other options for fastening panels may include cam locks (see examples left and right) that can be pre-installed, making assembly and joining easy and more secure.

The cam-lock solution is a high-demand solution for panels that are routinely assembled and disassembled, especially in moveable walls, trade show booths, and various wall cladding applications.

Thru-bolt Joining

One of the most inexpensive and secure ways to join torsion box sandwich panels is by utilizing a simple nut and bolt connection method, especially, if the panels will be routinely or repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

Stainless steel nuts and bolts offer the safety and security when joining wood-framed torsion box sandwich panels.

Biscuit Joining

If you have rudimentary wood working skills you could prepare your sandwich panels for biscuit joining by doing it yourself or outsourcing to your favorite millwork.

Especially for large projects, this enables your torsion box honeycomb panels to assembled and disassembled and transported easily, then joined on-site.

See images below for example of biscuit assembly of torsion box honeycomb panels


Advanced Large Panels

At the factory Sing Core specializes in extremely large panels (up to 50 feet) that are extremely true flat, the DIY enthusiast can also build high quality oversized projects with confidence and excellent results.

Connectors for Connecting


One of our many features is the ability to add fasteners/locks to our panels…one example of this is the “S-Hook Lock” with a turn of the hex wrench you can fasten or unfasten your panels quickly.

The “S-Hook” fastening lock that is attached to the side of these panels to allow for easy assembly of the wall system.

With a quick turn of your wrist on the hex key your panels will be attached to each other.





Barn Door Assembly or ‘H’ Channel

If you are planning to keep your panels as a permanent structure you may choose the H-Channel attachment feature. Apply your adhesive the slide panel into the channel on each side then either veneer over the panel and channel or you may choose to putty, sand and paint your panels to cover over the H-channel.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove is another fastening choice especially if you using our panels for flooring or ceiling. Make a nice almost seamless connection but give wood veneer a hardwood flooring appearance.

Biscuit Joint

This is a modified biscuit joint attachment. Similar to the H-joint the you are using a single long “beam” as the connector and gluing them together. Best use is for oversize tables (such as vacuum tables) and oversize doors as well. Because our panels are made of honeycomb rather than solid wood, they will not warp. Our honeycomb is light and strong.

Ship Lap

The ever popular ship lap as a connector alternative.

With the wide variety of applications for Sing Core panels, posts and beams, and equally diverse selection of fasteners are used in practical installations.sing-core-panel-cam-locks-2Here are some of the most popular fastening systems used today:Norse Inc. Latches

Norse latches are designed for concealed installation in Sing Panels. Multiple configurations of latches and receivers are possible to suit many applications, and offer numerous advantages.

Click Here for More Information

Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company

Sing-Panel-FastenersMore than a century of experience to the design, manufacturing and distribution of functional hardware, storage-related components, and ergonomic products for original equipment manufacturers of the Tite Joint Fastener Draw Bolt.

Click Here for More Information

Pan American Screw

An International leader of innovative threaded fastening solutions. Developers of the Draw Bolts and Zipbolt™ tight joint fasteners. They are constantly testing and developing fasteners that are easier, faster and less costly to use.

Click Here for More Information


Sing-Panel-Fastener-FlipBolt-Dog-BoneOver the past five years, FastCap has grown exponentially and has expanded its products base from the Fastcap to a vast array of woodworking products and tools, like the FlipBolt Tite-Joint Dog Bone Fastener Tool-less Draw Bolt.

Click Here for More Information

ITW Fastex

The range of panel fasteners and plastic clips available from ITW Fastex is designed to fill most fastening requirements. The range of applications is wide from machines, appliances, and computers to recreational vehicles and point of purchase displays.

Click Here for More Information


Shur-Lok fasteners and components are designed to satisfy customer requirements in two general application ideas: secondary structures, such as interior stow bins, lavatories and galleys, and primary structures, such as aircraft engines, engine pylons, landing gears, wings, gearboxes, transmissions and helicopter rotors–all critical applications.

Click Here for More Information

Veck Fasteners

Special and bespoke bonding fasteners. In addition to Veck Fasteners standard range of popular bonding fasteners, we provide purpose-designed special and bespoke bonding fasteners for customers who have specific requirements which cannot be fulfilled from our standard range.

Click Here for More Information

Just to name a few…

Fasteners and Anchors for Sandwich panels



CEL FASTENERS are innovative tools to anchor and attach and remove sandwich panels easily and quickly.

The advantages of CEL’s fasteners are:

  • Possibility to attach and detach the panels quickly to carry out maintenance work or substitution
  • Invisible bolts
  • Precise positioning and multiple removals
  • Quick assembly
  • Cost reduction

Initially developed in compliance with to the needs of shipyards, this anchoring system is more and more used in different sectors:

  • Shops’, hotels’ and trade fairs’ assembly
  • Lifts
  • Transport: buses, trains, vans, etc.
  • Carpentry
  • Furnishing

Liability disclaimer

The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.


Click for More Panel Fasteners


Examples of Joining Sing Panels

Creating with Torsion Box Composite Panels

The new Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength torsion box composite panels that are infiltrating design and building markets from beneath the sea to outer space and everywhere in between are now available to the average inventor, enthusiast, home owner and do it yourself aficionado thanks to your local lumber yard or home improvement center, like Lowe’s Pro Desk.

torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels strength demonstrationUsed as a raw material, the standard 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1 in. Sing Sandwich panel is an amazing resource to the designer, engineer, inventor or independent wood craftsman to take their projects to the next level of evolution.

You are no longer restricted by the limitations of traditional building materials. And as far as composite building materials go, including honeycomb panels (which have brought us leaps and bounds into the future), the invention revealed to us by Peter Sing has raised the bar to an entirely new level.

Just like plywood

These panels are of the same dimensions as a normal 4×8 piece of 1 inch thick plywood.

large door with window litel cutout made of torsion box composite plywood sandwich panelYou handle this product just like you would any other piece of plywood, only this is extremely lightweight when compared to plywood due to it’s design.

It is so easy to rip into the most high performance shelving material by ripping it though your table saw resulting in a lightweight shelf that will not warp, bend, twist or sag. You can add edge-banding for visual effect if desired.

This material is also used in so many applications, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The creator’s web site has a list of applications here.

The Sing design

The design is similar to that of standard SIPS (structural insulated panels), except that these are actually RSIPS (reinforced structural insulated panels), which gives them unprecedented structural strength at very minimal thicknesses.

Sing-Core-wood-torsion-box-foam-composite-lightweight-high-strengthWhile SIPS are manufactured by framing rigid foam and sandwiching between two pieces of plywood or MDF, Sing’s patented RSIPS have a torsion box (vertical wood grain series of boxes, similar to honeycomb design) that are each filled with recycled rigid foam insulation.

SIPS require the frame material for structure strength, while the RSIPS do not require any additional framing because the structure strength exists within the substrate of the reinforced structural insulated panel. This enables the Sing RSIP to outperform the SIP strength-wise with a fraction of the thickness.

building-a-sing-tiny-house-framing-atop-frameless-wallsIf you think you haven’t heard anything like it, and it appears to rock your thoughts regarding what you know about the laws of physics, join the club with the rest of us (including R&D teams from the US military, NASA, Boeing, and other high-tech think tanks) who have a huge respect for the 660+ PSI strength of Sing’s sandwich panel.

What other lightweight 1-inch building material could build a frame -free three-story hurricane-proof structure?

No solid edge

If you are not familiar with this revolutionary new building material you might be surprised to discover that unlike SIPS that come with a traditional wood frame, the Sing sandwich panel is completely frame-free.

This might cause some concern with integrating into your product design.

How do millworks do it?

millwork glued large torsion box composite honeycomb panels with wood edges and thick plywoodGluing and pressing wood products and composite materials is nothing new to modern day millworks and woodworking shops. Sing’s RSIPS are normal wood glue and user-friendly. You can lay-up and press this material into any format necessary to accommodate your needs, even creating your own lightweight structural posts and beams.

If you need a panel with a wood edge, it is fairly easy to accomplish with rudimentary woodworking skills.

a) Simply lay a facing material face-down
b) covering the backside (inside) with a layer of wood glue
c) place your wood frame and Sing torsion box composite material (now being used as your high-tech substrate) atop the base sheet
d) apply another layer of carpenter glue
e) add another sheet of facing material face up
f) clamp and press.

Congratulations, you’ve just manufactured your own high-end superior performance material that will amaze you and others as to such a huge improvement in terms of affordable lightweight and high-strength performance.

Click here for more information on connecting your framed torsion box composite panels.

Replacing solid wood

solid wood butcher block glued to torsion box composite sandwich panel coreThere is no doubt that solid wood is a precious diminishing natural resource that is growing only in expense but – as most wood workers and fans of this beautiful resource will admit – is not structurally sound due to routine failure.

Solid wood fails doe to its natural tendency to adapt to its environment, causing products – especially like large sliding doors – to warp, bend, twist, cup, crack and rot over time.

By adhering solid wood(s) to the Sing RSIPS, the resulting product is an incredible and responsible replacement for solid wood. So, think about saving a tree and building something that will have a high level of unparalleled maintenance-free performance for lifetimes.

Try it and see for yourself

Do yourself a favor, if your so inclined, and get some of this material from your local Lowe’s just to play around with… You will be as impressed as the rest of the folks who have worked with it, broadening the scope of their imaginations and bringing new ideas to life.



DIY Tiny House Do it Yourself

Tiny-House-3The growing tiny house movement is an expanding consciousness about living economically, sustainably, moderately and with great respect to the environment and reduction of energy consumption.

Homes that are less than 750 sq. ft. are typically considered tiny houses, and many counties and municipalities are loosening the reigns to allow for more freedom of design for these new smaller structures. News headlines like, “No Permit Required for 800 sq. ft. Houses,” are becoming more and more popular as the movement continues to create an expanding wave.

Sing Core’s revolutionary standard sandwich panels are becoming the rage amongst tiny house enthusiasts who are building their tiny house on a trailer. The lightweight and high strength attributes of this sandwich panel make it easy to build a comfortable, lightweight tiny house on wheels.

While Sing Core only sells to upscale commercial tiny house construction companies, the general public can have access to this same technology by visiting their local Lowe’s Home Improvement Pro Desk, or lumber supplier.

build a summer home of torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels fastMany options are available for the creative tiny house do-it-yourselfer who has the imagination, drive and skills to make a completely new type of home that can be enjoyed with pride.

The standard product – on which you can base your entire design – is the 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1 inch Tiny House Sandwich Panel. This commercially available standard product is readily available through standard retail outlets. If it is not an in-stock item, all you have to do is ask for it and your conscientious retailer can obtain it for you.

The strength of these 1-inch thick panels is so incredible that you can build a multi-story structure without any framing required. (Sounds incredible, but these panels have a compression strength of 660 PSI – stronger than steel pound for pound – compared to other panels commonly used in aerospace that rate at 10-to-100 PSI.)

Easy to work with

tiny-house-urethane-glued-sing-sandwich-panels-no-frameStandard Sing sandwich panels can be cut, sawed, ripped and glued just like any standard plywood material.

Some consideration must be kept in mind due to the construction of this base material, considering:

How it is made

These standard panels are a three-part composition of

1. Sing-Core-wood-torsion-box-foam-composite-lightweight-high-strengthA wood torsion box honeycomb core

2. The empty spaces are filled wall-to-wall with rigid foam insulation

3. The core composite (1 and 2) are bonded (sandwiched) between two sheets of plywood using formaldehyde-free adhesive.

Some things to keep in mind:

The panels are one-inch thin

That means, if you’re using them as a wall, you will not have as much interior space as you would have in a 2×4 stick-framed wall. So you will need to engineer solutions for the following:

Connection method

Sing tiny house sandwich panels have no solid wood edges, so walls are edge-glued, H-L-or-T channel connected using standard extruded aluminum or wood  channeling, or you can add your own solid wood frame(s) for screwing or nailing.

Water and electrical

8x14-Tiny-House-interior-Sing-Core-layout-designOptions might include surface mounting, creating your own channel between two perpendicular panels or router-out channels at along the edge seams to embed conduit or pipe. Running these utilities though the floor and/or ceiling is another popular option.

Doors and windows

It may be a challenge to retro-fit doors and windows designed for 2×4 stick-framed homes. You could build frames for these items out of 2x4s or make sure to buy low-profile accessories for your Sing tiny house, if you’re not building your own doors and windows (which could be made from the same panel material).

Roof and floor

Tiny House Construction 5The strength of Sing’s panels are strong enough to use for flooring, but you may need multiple layers increase the R 3.5 value, or add insulation for floors and roofs per your design’s specifications.

Like with working with any new, revolutionary building material there is a bit of a learning curve, and creative problem-solving will take you great distances. This new material has been sought out by the most prestigious designers, builders, top corporations and governments the world over. Thanks to Lowe’s, it can be available for nearly everyone.

Though Sing Core does not offer any product support for the independent tiny house builder, you will find your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Center very helpful in helping you out with the product support that you need to get from here to there.

Free eBook

Get a free eBook all about Sing’s Tiny Houses by clicking here.

Upscale Kitchen Building

Now you can build the best upscale kitchen accessories, counters, butcher block tables, etc…

Using the new revolutionary Sing Sandwich which is now available from your favorite Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’s Pro Desk.

butcher block table counter top made of torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panelsThe possibilities are endless in the area of either the best in home kitchens or commercial kitchen environments.

Simply use the standard sing sandwich panels available from your local lumber supplier treating it just like you would any other standard piece of 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1 in. plywood. No special tools or equipment is necessary.

restaurant table lightweight torsion box composite sandwich panelLayup as many pieces as you want to obtain your desired thickness. Click here to see how.

Now you can have the most lightweight high-strength kitchen cabinet, counter top and shelving that will last for centuries and won’t sag, bend, warp, twist or rot over time.

When it comes to building a lightweight, high strength table top; you can build the best.


Make Your Own Posts and Beams

strength text of home made structural beam made with torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels and wood glueAn incredible new project of growing popularity, is the home manufacturing of posts and beams thank to having access to the new, patented Sing Sandwich that is readily available from your favorite Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’s Pro Desk or lumber supply.

This revolutionary new material can easily be ripped into strips and cold-pressed with regular carpenter glue to make the strongest most lightweight post and beams that have ever appeared on planet earth.

make your own beams from torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panelsThese Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength panels are treated just like normal plywood. No special tools or skills are required to achieve these amazing results.

No post or beam is more Eco-friendly, lightweight or high-strength.

Want a more appealing surface for interior display? Simply add the solid wood finish that you desire to the exterior for an extraordinary appearance.


Strongest Straight and True Shelving

How many times have you struggled with shelving, or bookcases – especially traversing long spans without much suspension – that look beautiful when they are built, but after time tend to sag, warp, bend or twist?

lightweight shelving strength test of torsion box composite sandwich panelsThis is the nature of most shelving. It looks good at first, but later – not o much – unless it sits atop an impressive structure to prevent failure.

Lucky for us, now there is a solution. Sing sandwich panel is now available from your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Pro Desk or lumber yard.

Finally a solution that will not warp, bend or twist even over long spans without much support.

Easy to work with

And Sing Sandwich is easy to work with. You treat it just like you would any other piece of plywood. No special tools or skills are required.

It is easy to rip or cut it into the shelving widths that you require.

Depending on the design of your project, you may want to include edge-banding (see Lowe’s, home improvement or hardware center for options).

This revolutionary material is lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Large Doors and Moveable Walls

Thanks to the revolutionary new standard Sing RSIPS (reinforced structural insulated panels) available from your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’s Pro Desk, you can build your own large oversize sliding doors, moveable walls and more…

use multiple torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels to make your own long oversize panelsThe common problems associated with doors, walls or other components that are larger than normal or huge includes issues associated with being heavy in weight and structurally challenged enough to possibly fail.

Failure could be due to bending, warping, twisting, compromising the structure or hardware due to excessive weight or rot. These are common problems associated with oversize projects. That is, until the invention of Sing Core.

Sing Core’s standard 1 inch panels are 4 ft. x 8 ft. extremely light in weight yet incredibly strong. In fact, they were independently tested by the University of Washington to have compression strength of 660+ PSI (as compared to 10 to 100 PSI of panels used traditionally in the aerospace industry).

This material empowers the architect, designer, builder and/or contractor to create products and structures that would be impractical due to the overall size of the components.


DIY Wood Door

door with window made of torsion box composite honeycomb panelsYou might be surprised to discover that Sing Core‘s new torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels are the latest rage in high end doors all over the world.

Thanks to this new high tech material being available to the masses through your favorite lumber yard or Lowe’s Home Improvement Center’s Pro Desk, you can actually build your own high tech lightweight super-strong door.

The base material is available in 4 x 8 x 1-inch panels, that you would handle and use, just like plywood.

DIY Trade Show Displays

lightweight torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels used as trade show display panels with edge bandingAn awesome depiction of the high performance of Sing Core’s one-inch torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels is in the area of Trade show Displays that can easily be constructed and erected by the do-it-yourselfer.

The basic structure of the raw material is convenient to use because it comes in 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets that are  one-inch thick and a fraction of the weight of a sheet of plywood but twenty times show art gallery torsion box composite plywood honeycomb panels connector


A little creativity in connecting the panels together will have an entire trade show booth or art gallery display in minutes rather than hours and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or experienced contractor) to assemble it in no time.