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Compare Reinforced Torsion Box Core

Reinforced Torsion Box Core Comparisons Based on 2″ x 2″ Grids


Reinforced Torsion Box Foam Aluminum Balsawood Nomex Plastic Cardboard
Insulation x x x x x
Sound Deadening x x x x x
Lightweight x x
Strength x x x
Solid x x x x
Eco-friendly x x x x
Renewable x x x x
Oversize x x x x x x
Dimensionally Stable
Affordable x x x x x
Thickness Available x x x x x x
Skin Options x x x x x x
Easy to Machine x x x x x x
Fast Turnaround x x x x x x

Insulation: Reinforced Torsion Box Core has built-in insulation value with an R3 to R6.5 rating per inch, depending on client’s needs/specifications.

Sound deadening: Reinforced Torsion Box Core’s filler material has natural sound-deadening properties. Other sound-deadening options are available at customer request.

Light weight: When compared to other materials Reinforced Torsion Box Core weighs much less, as much as 50% less, or more, as little as 4 lbs. per sq. ft. yet eco-friendly. This advanced technology used in the aviation industry is now available for use in your home.

Strength: Reinforced Torsion Box Core based on 2″ x 2″ grids and 3/4″ thick = 660 PSI. For instance, aluminum 3/8″ grids = 30+ PSI (smaller grids should be more strength). Reinforced Torsion Box Core’s superior strength comes from its advanced torsion box design.

Solid: Reinforced Torsion Box Core is solid like a rock. While the vertical wood grain torsion box core may be compared to other hollow honeycomb cores, the Reinforced Torsion Box Core voids are not hollow as they are bonded wall-to-wall and filled with recycled foam for a strong, solid substrate.

Eco-friendly: Reinforced Torsion Box Core is manufactured using natural wood fibers, no formaldehyde, or toxic chemicals, is created using less energy than any other core material with little or no waste.

Renewable: The structure of Reinforced Torsion Box Core is 100% renewable (nature-grown) clean fiber and/or recycled material.

Oversize: Reinforced Torsion Box Core excels in area of large oversize products due to its unique properties and can be up to 50 foot length.

Dimensionally stable: Reinforced Torsion Box Core is the most dimensionally stable building material allowing us to create large, oversize products (i.e., doors, up to 50 ft.) that are true flat exceeding AWI standards and can be guaranteed to be true flat. Large oversize panels can be truly dimensionally stable without any movement due to temperature and moisture change.

Affordable: Even though Reinforced Torsion Box Core technology is used in high-end applications, we make it affordable for broad use in a large number of applications. Reinforced Torsion Box Core performance is comparable to any high-end core but could be as little cost as low-end wood product core.

Thickness available: Reinforced Torsion Box Core is readily available in many thicknesses, up to 6 inches in standard thickness, with custom thicknesses available.

Skin options: For many different exteriors including (but not limited to) aluminum, cement board, cold roll steel, concrete, ceramic tile, fiber glass, galvanize metal, glass, MDF, metal, plastic, plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc…

Easy to machine: Reinforced Torsion Box Core is easy to work with in the shop or on-site for sawing, sanding, adding solid wood implants, gluing, cutting and fastening.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Reinforced Torsion Box Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

How to Build Using Sing Core

There are endless opportunities to be creative with Sing Core material. First, though, it’s important that you get a handle on the manufacturing process, so taht you can create the most amazing works of art that are beautiful, eco-friendly, lightweight, and stronger than steel as we continue our commitment to keeping crowd manufacturing alive.

Sing-Core-Block-147Here is an example of how to build a 2 foot by 4 foot panel using our Sing Core Block. First you lay your bottom skin face-down on your surface. Then you cover with a layer of urethane glue. Put your exterior wood staves (edges) into place, as shown in the photo to the right.

Sing-Core-Block-Drop-In-2Sing Core Block is utilizes our, “drop-in,” system. Basically, all you need is to slice the Sing core lock your desired thickness as determined by your specifications. Install your sliced Sing Core Block by placing it inside your wood perimeter to fill the vacant space with Sing Core Block material.

Continue to fill the empty space with additional sections of Sing Core Block material until the space is nearly filled.


Here’s an exampled of Sing Core Block-filled vacancy

Sing-Core-Block-152Next apply a layer of urethane glue to the top of all the surface material(s) including the exposed Sing Core Block and the top-side of the wood staves as shown in the photo to the right.

Sing-Core-Block-153The honeycomb torsion box provides the strength, while the urethane glue adds to the structural integrity of the end product, keeping it from delaminating under extreme conditions or over long periods of time.

Once you have a nice coat of urethane glue on the entire top surface, you are now ready to apply the top skin.



This is a photo of the applied top skins in place.


Sing Press – No Equipment Necessary

Once you have all your glue and components into place, the panel(s) need to be cold-pressed for proper adhesion and dry-time. Dry times vary according to the type of glue that you use. We suggest using a slow-drying glue for a higher quality end-product.


Hydraulic Press

If your facility already has a commercial hydraulic press, then by all means use that. Many of our craftsmen who are Sing Hardwood manufacturers avoid any equipment cost by utilizing the Sing Press model, that is constructed out of perfectly straight Sing Panels on the top and bottom and a few clamps. There is no structural advantage of using a commercial press, as the results are the same.


You can see that very little energy is expended in the manufacturing of your Sing Hardwood, and there is little or no waste.

On-Hand = On-Demand

In the demonstrations (above) it is easy to imagine that you as the craftsman have complete control of the creation process. You can make your own Sing Hardwood on-demand at your location, avoiding any shipping expense or time… and if you need a piece of material that you suddenly find yourself out-of-stock… In an emergency, you could make your own (insert any hardwood or lumber product you want) if you have some Sing Core Block on-hand.

Wholesale Resource

Sing Core orders certain components by the rail car. We can pass on some of our savings to the craftsmen who use our Sing Core Block technology. You may find it beneficial to obtain wood staves, hardwood skins, glue (or other materials) from us to take advantage of our bulk buying power.

Note: For structural purposes, you as the manufacturer are liable for testing, licensure and code approval. Sing Core is not liable for any unauthorized use of any product created off-site using our patented Sing Core Block material. In the event that you intent to use your Sing Core Block material purposes, we may assist you in the process of getting the required testing completed.


Creating Exceptional Sales Executives

Eco-friendly Company seeks to create exceptional sales and marketing team to promote sustainability in building and manufacturing.

“We are looking for key leaders to participate in our international headquarters marketing division.”

The Green movement is so important and new, that we do not expect anyone to be up-to-speed but we are willing to train the right person. We will pay for training the right person at our location in the Pacific Northwest for 30 days, including room and board.

We will meet you in Seattle at the SeaTac airport, and provide transportation to our facility.

Training also includes all expenses paid entertainment, tours throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Candidates will have the following:

  • Recently finished schooling program (within the last 3 years)
  • Be forward-looking and committed to personal excellence
  • Concern for Green movement and sustainability
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Possess personal technology, i.e., cell phone, tablet/laptop, computer & internet

Some graduates of our 30-day training program will receive offers to relocate to the Pacific Northwest to work from our International headquarters, some will be invited to select from available relocation to other facilities throughout the United States and others will be returned to their place of origin to telecommute and manage promotions from their region.


FREE 30 Day Green Marketing Boot Camp

Looking for a new career? In-between careers? … or, just …

Want to learn how make the world a better place by promoting green building products while being rewarded handsomely for your efforts?

free-education-air-fare-seatac-lightweight-universityWe are extending to a few good candidates a 30-day full-ride residency at Lightweight University, where you will experience our residency learning platform. We teach and learn with you for a whole month in our cooperative educational environment.

We will pick up students from SeaTac Airport and transport you to our International Campus/Headquarters in McCleary, Washington. Recipients receive all housing, transportation, room and board, education and immersion training at no cost to the student.

Students will be enrolled in our, “FREE Green Marketing Program,” where they learn the techniques in the real world… Not in four years, but in 30 days! Learning Lightweight University style is exciting and entertaining, as fun, recreational activities are also a part of our immersion training.

After the 30 days boot camp training, students will have many opportunities available to them. Graduates will be fully certificated as Sustainable Green Manufacturing Representatives (SGMR), many will be invited to become Regional SGMRs, or offered full-time employment at our International Headquarters.

For candidates who may have difficulties managing travel expenses to and from SeaTac Airport, please contact us, as we have a limited number of FREE Air Travel sponsors.

if you know someone who would be a good candidate for our fully sponsored 30-day boot camp, forward this announcement to them and have them contact us As Soon As Possible as space is limited.

Go and Grow Green

Environment & Economy Friendly

How is Sing Honeycomb “Green”, and why is it the most earth-friendly way to use both natural and man-made materials?

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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) provides a “cradle to grave” measurement of a product’s environmental impacts from raw material extraction and manufacturing through distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal. An obvious example is a coffee or tea cup made of Styrofoam compared to a coffee mug made of the same material but enclosed in a solid container. Solo cups are only used once then disposed of after use, filling our landfills unnecessarily. Imagine that the same Solo cup material put into a permanent coffee mug, could last ten years without being replaced. Sing Honeycomb protects the foam inside durable wood frameworks. LCA studies show that using wood is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming n potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production. Sing Honeycomb core structure is made of 100% natural vertical grain wood veneer. This sets us apart from our counterparts who use only paper, particle board, aluminum, and plastic. Here at Sing Honeycomb, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.

Green-eco-friendly-sing-coreLow Energy Production

Sing’s patented manufacturing process is the most efficient and economical way to make sandwich panels with a veneer torsion box core. The materials used in Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panels use low energy to produce. The adhesive used in Sing Honeycomb Panels is produced in a much more efficient way than the minerals for nails are mined. The veneer is made of scrap material from Washington mills and the foam core is 20% recycled.


Sing Honeycomb core structure is made of natural vertical grain wood veneer. This sets us apart from our counterparts who make cores with particle board. It requires energy to break wood down into pulp and reconstruct it into particle board. Veneer uses the natural strength of the wood fiber. Life Cycle Assessment studies show that using wood veneer is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production. Here at Sing Square Log Homes, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.


The structural glue and finishing stains that we use are all non-toxic and formaldehyde free.


Our foam core has a recycled content of 20% and is 100% recyclable.

Energy Saving

Insulated, draft-free sandwich panels save your heating costs Sing has a long term stable R-Value. Sing Sandwich panels assemble and install quickly, saving you man power and time.

Long Lasting

Sing torsion box sandwich panels are warrantied for ten years*, but may last much longer. This means Sing products will not need replacement or disposal for many years, cutting down on the resources used to manufacture panels. The foam used in Sing Honeycomb Core Panels comes with a 20-year thermal performance warranty, dimensional stability, compressive strength, and water resistant properties. See instructions for repair and recycling.

This is a Sing Overhead Garage Door Panel compared next to a typical steel overhead garage door panel. Same size and thickness but as you can see the steel panel buckles with only a few pounds put on it while the Sing Panel holds almost all of Inventor Peter Sings weight without any problem.

*See Warranty

Personal Invitiation to LWU

I Need Your Help to Build a Better World…

I could really use your input because I am partnering with Lightweight University to change the world by providing a platform for the exchange of information in a unique venue that promotes “true green” solutions for building the best eco-friendly and long-lasting products.


I am starting a grass-roots revolution with LWU that can place this “true green” technology in the hands of every American. I believe this can change both the economy and ecological outlook of our country.

I need your help to help in taking this to the people. I offer special support and programs to the small businesses, start-ups or one-man operations with options to take their craft to the next level.


Enrollment is open to all; and I have scholarships available for those who are having trouble getting started. In this cooperative environment, we provide you with a platform to present your ideas as we exchange information and grow your profit margin. I will even equip you to earn while you learn.


Also, LWU is developing the Marketing division… and we are seeking passionate, motivated ecologically-concerned individuals who truly want to make a difference, resulting in a sustainable future for all creatures. I am excited about helping people get paid for using their innate talents and skills.

I have scholarships and unique earning opportunities to support your endeavors, whether they are in either arena: production or in marketing/promotion. Together we can become a powerful influence.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are the kind of person who wants to make the world a better place, then I want to learn from you, learn with you, and take the steps necessary to partner with you for a sustainable tomorrow.

eco-friendly-lightweight-universityWe have scholarships in both Production and Marketing divisions.
We help one-man and mom-and-pop shops either get started in production of eco-friendly products, or expand their operations exponentially.
If you have a passion for a more sustainable planet, I need you… this planet needs you. I can help provide a platform for your voice.

We will empower you to monetize your talent and skills.

Join the “True Green” Revolution

Sign up here, to receive the latest information and updates about “true green” solutions that are changing the world. I will help you become a spokesperson, promoter, designer, developer, and manufacturer. I need you to help make the world a better place.

Sign-up today to get in the loop and become the change

Let me know what you think, or how I can help you… Peter Sing

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