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Lightweight University is a consortium of like-minded consultants (students) who cooperatively learn and teach all on an equal platform. In this environment there is a leader, but each student is also an instructor; for if the knowledge of the student cannot exceed that of the teacher, then this would be considered a less than effective learning model. That is why we don’t refer those who attend as student but rather as consultants. Our consultants have expertise, life skills, individual gifts and talents that benefit the entire group as a whole.

We focus on two of the most important facets of your business: Production and Marketing


You self-select your individual track, whether you’re interested in Production, Marketing, or both production and marketing.

This unique learning and sharing environment is as unique as the patented Sing Core technology and very soon following your involvement you will be certified as an authorized Sing Core consultant that opens many doors of opportunity. This process will enhance your life enabling you to embrace your innate abilities to not only maximize the potential of your own professional career, but also the lives of other LWU consultants and the world in general.

You will become an expert in the green eco-friendly technology that tips the scale of sustainability that is not only a biologically sound choice for our environment, but also enhances the lives of those with whom we share this planet and even promotes spiritual growth.

Express your interest in being a LWU Consultant embracing “true green” technology today.
We will send you our initial application and more information. Email:  

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The LWU director coordinates the interaction of the consultants to achieve maximum effectiveness throughout this experience achieving success and interactivity amongst consultants in an orchestrated format that allows everyone to participate equally via multimedia, internet, virtual seminars and conferences.

true-green-certifiedOne of our key driving forces is to effectively offer a truly green end product to the planet. We say, “true green,” to differentiate our philosophy from the politically-motivated corporate giants who currently run the, “green movement,” disallowing grass root approaches to true green solutions. This monetarily and politically driven machine is actually counterproductive and somewhat misleading as concessions are made that compromise the movement.

It is these unadvertised agendas that put green technologies out of the reach of the independent craftsmen. We believe that every man and woman with the passion to really create an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative and/or end product. Not only do we believe it, but we promote this philosophy; putting this technology within reach of every LWU consultant.

Unlike the, “official,” purveyors of green technology, we embrace ideas, creative problem-solving and organic approaches to create a synergy that gives birth to emerging discoveries on-the-fly. You can be proud to be a part of the team that can truly change the world in a magnificent way. That is our common goal, to make the world a better place for all creatures.

We have leveled the playing field for environmentally sound building and manufacturing. This technology can be retrofitted to each unique setting. We outfit everything from huge manufacturing facilities, to the one-man shop with no more than a work area equivalent to a single car garage as a work space.

In our unique LWU venue, every socially responsible participant has a voice, everyone participates and you are not limited by lack of finances or political connections.


Our only agenda is to provide


Definition of lightweight is, “Of thin material or build and weighing less than average,” perfectly describing this unique technology.


1. The state, property, or quality of being strong.
2. The power to resist attack; impregnability.
3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability.
4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly.
5. Capacity or potential for effective action


Definition: not environmentally harmful <eco–friendly construction options>

Production of the best of products, improving our life with minimum harm to our earth, long life of the produces.


Low cost and reducing the cost (less cost most often means less energy consumed during the manufacturing process, use labor means easier to produce due to lightweight. more simple mfg method of Sing core than conventional solid material or use other type of core, .less shipping due to the lightweight


This opportunity is not limited to high profile corporations and does not require a four-year degree. Just the heart and drive to make a difference while learning how to apply the technology and techniques to our daily life, by share our time, resources and knowledge one with another.

We encourage small one man shops to compete with industry giants, who often wipe out our local job markets by flooding our planet with inferior import goods with short term life spans; Flooding our land fill creating a disposable culture that spread like wild fire globally. If our regular 4 years college did not teach people about true green means… we will; by learning from each other and consulting with the people to build a better future for our world.


In an effort to further support our LWU consultants, we take a step further than you might imagine by supplying you with the product which is our core value.

Partnering with our consultants, we provide each one with a quantity of raw material, “Sing Core,” or Sing Core Blocks that are the heart and soul of everything that you are going to build.


You will have Sing Core at your factory to use on demand based on your participation and requirements. This means that you have access to it immediately, when you need it. You only pay for the product, when you use it, following delivery of your product. This is a very unique partnership.


The cost of the patented Sing Core technology is $6.00 per board ft. Due to special funding that is available to Lightweight University Consultants, we have a program to underwrite your success, allowing you to pay $1.20 per board ft.

Our unique pricing structure has you paying the lowest amount possible, plus a small licensing fee for each product – and – you don’t pay for any core material until the product is sold!


This is based on the honor system. Our relationship with our consultants is extremely integrous and we expect our consultants to also have integrity. We expect our consultants to be honest and trustworthy with a genuine concern and drive to make the world a better place.

In supporting your endeavors to really make a difference in a world of unlimited possibilities, manufacturers of products based on Sing Core technology pays 10% of the wholesale price. This helps to subsidize other low-end/high competition products as well as philanthropic projects that help the less fortunate.

For instance, if you sold a dining table or door for $400.00 than you would pay Sing core at least $40.00. By paying more, you help underwrite and finance the greater good.


lightweight-university-certified-consultantYou can enjoy the benefits of enrolling in Lightweight University and becoming a Lightweight Consultant. This entitles you to all the rights and privileges including access to our mastermind cooperative training, help in setting up your production facilities, if necessary, marketing and promotional campaigns, special pricing support and participation in our Core Value On-demand program. Cost of tuition is $2,000.

Scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance in enrolling in Lightweight University. We have not only the passion of truly impacting the planet in an ecologically sound way, but also impacting the lives of the individuals who have a calling to make the world a better place.

Scholarships are available; so please let us know if you are in need of financial assistance, when you fill out the form.


Don’t wait another day. It can cost up to $7,000 just to begin the process of becoming green-certified in technologies that are controlled by the corporate and political giants, but we truly put our stock in America. In the people that can truly make a difference in this grass-roots effort to impact the world.

Express your interest in being a LWU Consultant embracing “true green” technology today.
We will send you our initial application and more information. Email:  

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  1. Dr Kenneth Chionh (aka Chiang Tzai-shan)

    Should be able to promote LWU in this region (Taiwan & China) as I am currently providing Interior Design & Landscape Design Courses to Organisations/Establishments/Institutes leading to UK recognised qualifications. Will try to add LWU to my list of representations if given the opportunity. Thank you. Regards, Ken

    1. lwuadmin Post author

      Thank you for your interest in helping up promote our “true green” technology world-wide. Currently our efforts are focused on the USA because we want to help to build a better American economy and strengthen the family unit at home before we take these solutions to the world.

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