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The future of building materials are lightweight composite materials. Sing Core is the Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength invention for a better world. See: Applications

At Lightweight University (LWU) where we are focused on research, development, shared learning, cooperative exchange of a complex knowledgebase to achieve sustainable results by providing solutions to engineering strategies requiring four major components:

1. Strength

Unsurpased material strength that is maintained over a expanse of material.

2. Lightweight

Previous models provided the necessary strength at the expense of weight, making practical applications unmanageable.

3. Sustainable

Our solutions must promote a green tomorrow utilizing recyclable material produced with less energy and less waste providing a better tomorrow for all creatures.

4. Longevity

In a society where nearly everything is disposable, we are striving to make a difference, creating and manufacturing products that last for lifetimes upon lifetimes.

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Lightweight University has a full scholarship available for the right person in our Marketing Division of LWU.

 We are looking for someone who is socially and environmentally conscious and is in alignment with our philosophy of bringing true green technology to the people and empowering them with the ability to make a positive impact on our planet.
If you are interested, we have a 100% full scholarship ($2,000) available to launch your career as a LWU Licensed Consultant, today. For more information, send email to: sales@singcore.com with “Marketing Scholarship” in the subject line.


Lightweight University is the perfect environment for sharing this knowledge that is ever emerging, evolving and expanding. No stone is left unturned. Product design and development, setting up your manufacturing facility, training staff, resources for architects, designers, developers, contractors and manufacturers, at all levels of involvement.

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Lightweight University certifies all consultants in eco-friendly SingCore technology.


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